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Aridis is a privately held biotechnology company focused on developing new breakthrough therapies for infectious diseases and addressing the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. Aridis has a deep, diversified portfolio of clinical and pre-clinical stage anti-infective product candidates that are complimented by a fully human monoclonal antibody discovery platform technology.

Our anti-infective product portfolio comprises three clinical stage anti-bacterial human monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), currently in phase 2 and pivotal clinical trials. Our pre-clinical product candidates consist of three novel compounds.


Aridis' suite of anti-infective monoclonal antibodies offers opportunities to profoundly alter the current trajectory of increasing antibiotic resistance and improve the health outcome of many of the most serious life-threatening infections particularly in hospital settings. In recognition of their importance, Aridis products have been funded by approximately $40 million from leading granting agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, US Dept. of Defense, US Dept. of Health & Human Services' BARDA, USAID, Regional Centers of Excellence, as well as the non-profit PATH/Gates Foundation.

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