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Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections are the most common cause of hospitalization in early childhood, accounting for 57,000 to 120,000 hospitalizations each year in the United States. RSV causes annual epidemics of bronchiolitis and pneumonia worldwide. In most cases, the infection with RSV resolves without sequelae, but in certain patients RSV infection can cause lung function deterioration and in some circumstances, years of recurrent wheezing or asthma may ensue. Overall RSV accounts for an estimated 2% of hospitalizations among infants less than 1 year of age. This rate increases 4–5-fold among high-risk patients such as premature infants and those with chronic lung disease or complicated congenital heart disease.

Currently there is only one treatment to prevent infections of at-risk patients with RSV, namely immuno-prophylaxis with palivizumab/Synagis, marketed by MedImmune. However, the response to palivizumab is variable among individuals, and in some infants palivizumab fails to prevent RSV infections.

Due to the lack of alternative antibodies, anti-viral treatments, or preventive vaccines for RSV, there is a continuing medical need for a more efficacious immune-prophylactic, e.g. antibody.

AR-201 is derived from B-cells of an infected human donor. AR-201 is a human IgG1 mAb with specificity and affinity for the F-protein of human respiratory syncytial virus (hRSV). AR-201 broadly neutralized hRSV isolated from children infected with RSV, including -A, -B and –Long strains with higher efficacy than any other anti-F-protein mAb. AR-201 also binds to Synagis-resistant RSV strains, and is being developed with extended T1/2 life sufficient to cover the duration of RSV infection season with a single dose.

AR-201: Fully Human mAb To RSV

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