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The human immune system’s ability to generate highly specific antibodies to foreign antigens is unmatched by any man-made technology. Our MabIgX technology is based on a classical, but effective, hybridoma technology that allows Aridis to capture not only the vast variability of the antibody repertoire the immune system generates, but also the diversity in effector functions. We have optimized a method of activating and immortalizing human B-cells isolated from individuals who have successfully overcome an infection caused by the target pathogen. Antibodies produced by the B-cells of such a ‘convalescent’ individual are optimized to enhance the body's defense against the pathogen, and therefore are the ideal source for generation of highly protective MAbs.

One of the major hurdles in developing therapeutics using human mAbs has been the inability to select and culture native antibody-producing human B-cells in the laboratory.  Aridis’ unique proprietary fusion cell line immortalizes active, antibody-producing human B-cells with remarkable stability that enables large scale manufacturing of fully natural human mAbs

More importantly, unlike the vast majority of antibodies on the market today which are of animal origin, Aridis’ therapeutic antibodies are of completely human origin that do not require genetic engineering, modifications or optimizations to have full effector function. Our mAbs are optimized by the human immune system for protective efficacy. This technology also allows the selection any isotype such as IgM or IgG, depending on the desired effector function for optimal therapeutic efficacy for a specific infection treatment. By avoiding humanization and binding sequence optimization steps, we are developing fully natural, safe antibodies and can proceed faster into clinical development compared to other companies developing antibody therapies.

MabIgX® Fully Human Antibody Discovery Technology

Key competitive advantages of Aridis MabIgX® technology and the resulting fully human antibodies:

MabIgX® Technology - Rapid Discovery & Development of Rare Human mAbs


myeloma cell


of antibody producing cells



screen lead



Immortalization through

cell fusion with

myeloma cell line


of antibody producing cells


Breakthrough Therapies for

Antibiotic Resistant Infections

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