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Human antibodies evolved in nature primarily to fight infections in the human host.  We are exploring the human immune repertoire to identify naturally occurring antibodies to develop “Immunotherapies” to fight infections. We believe this offers a key solution to resolving the antibiotic drug resistance crisis and improve the treatment of serious life-threatening infections.                                                                               

The human immune system has protected us for over 6 million years, well before any antibiotics were ever invented, and can be remarkably effective in fighting even the most deadly infections such as Ebola, Pandemic influenza. This is evidenced by the existence of rare subsets of infection survivors for all kinds of infectious diseases. Arguably the most important component of the immune system is the monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), which are molecules which designed to bind and neutralize the pathogens. A key solution to resolving the antibiotic drug resistance crisis is to explore the native capabilities of the human immune system to identify potent antibodies that can serve as safe, natural anti-infectives.  

Aridis is mining the human immune response for rare, protective monoclonal antibodies from infection survivors or effectively immunized patients. Our diversified portfolio of anti-infective monoclonal antibodies has been largely discovered using our unique mAb discovery technology platform (‘MabIgX©’ technology). This broadly applicable technology platform not only enables the discovery of rare, naturally occurring protective antibodies generated by the human immune system, but also enables more rapid development of these fully human antibodies into medicines, while bypassing the conventional genetic & recombinant DNA steps, enabling rapid transition from research to clinic.

Mining the Human Immune Response

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The Human Monoclonal Antibody (Mab) Molecule.

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